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1234 I hear Chocolate Crackles call!

Apr 14, 2020

Chocolate crackles not quite like you remember and as easy as 1234!

With Easter upon our doorstep, I thought we would whip up some quick chocolaty delights! While chocolate crackles are known more for their presence at children’s birthday parties (they were ALWAYS at my birthday parties as a kid!), I think they are perfect for Easter. But these chocolate crackles are not made like you may remember them. No copha or cocoa powder here! But still the rice crispy fun and a dash of coconut among the chocolate. Check out the Easter twist that the kids and I put on them hehe.

The fun part…

Yep, there were spilt rice bubbles all over the kitchen bench and floor. Who does’t love that crunch sound when you tread on rice bubbles?! lol but mostly, this recipe isn’t toooo messy. The kids favourite part of this bake (well it wasn’t really baking but it’s a sweet treat, so I think it will pass), ofcause was licking the chocolate remnants from the wooden spoon and the saucepan, as you can see lol. 

Chocolate Crackle Recipe


100g butter

200g chocolate buds (milk, dark or white)

3 cups of rice puff cereal

4 sprinkles of shredded coconut


Melt butter and chocolate in a large saucepan over a medium heat, stirring continuously. Reduce heat and add rice puffs. Add a sprinkle of coconut – as much or little as you like. I love coconut, so I add lots lol. Stir to combine and turn off the heat. Add mix to cupcake tray lined with paper cases and refrigerate. 

Makes 12 large crackles



Easter Egg Crackles

For a fun Easter egg alternative, my kids came up with a fun idea to turn their chocolate crackles into eggs! The white chocolate eggs were made using a egg shaped mold but they could simply be formed by hand. Or perhaps you could use up leftover chocolate from Easter to make your crackles! 


I’d love to see what other fun twists you come up with for this chocolate crackle recipe! What else could you include? Drop the Facebook group and share snaps of your bakes and the ideas you have to fancy up the humble chocolate crackle.


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