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Introducing the Rocket Apron Tour

Apr 7, 2020

An apron is like a warm hug full of maternal love, care and wisdom

We want you to add a lil bit of your mamma love, care and wisdom to the Rocket Apron by baking with your kids while wearing it, and then passing it on to the next mumma. The Rocket Apron is a travelling apron, to be passed around our community of mummas and for them to share their fun baking adventure with it, right here with everyone.

Whether your baking belongs in the pages of The Australian Women’s Weekly book or could be classed a pinterest fail, we want you to join and enjoy the fun! You can share the most elaborate tiered cake creation or the simplest of treats. You can share a secret family heirloom recipe or have a crack at something completely new. Whether it looks, tastes, or the cook goes perfectly or wonderfully imperfect, we want you to share! We can all admire, try, laugh and love the experience together. Because rockin it and sharing it is what it is all about. We want to see the mess, happiness and laughter that your baking creates!

It’s the fun that matters in the mess. It’s the love that matters in the taste. It’s the care that matters in the looks.

While we’re all stuck at home with the kids, striving to find activities to keep the occupied as well as educational, baking is a great adventure to share with the kids. We all have our childhood memories of baking with mum or grandma. Sitting on the kitchen bench with feet dangling down the cupboards while licking the wooden spoon clean of all the sweet sugary remnants. With such busy lives these days, activities such as baking can fall by the way side. But it sooooo much fun to bake with the kids! So we really want to spread the joy of baking around the community with our fun Rocket Apron tour.

To participate in the Rocket Apron Tour, we ask that you share your baking adventure while wearing the apron. To share your experience, we want to read your story, try your recipe and see a few happy snaps. No professional quality writing or photos necessary, we’re keeping it real! Real mummas, real lives, real mess. Because life just ain’t as fun without mess! Every mumma that bakes in the Rocket Apron Tour will have her story shared here on the Blog and on our 51 Rocket Rd Facebook page and Instagram. You can then share your adventure with friends and family that you might not get to see at this time. 

The Rocket Apron Tour is a fun project for you to participate in with your family in your home and share with our sisterhood of mummas the tour is creating. It’s as easy as 123 to join the sisterhood!

  1. Complete the registration process for your name to be added to the list
  2. When the Rocket Apron arrives in the mail, it is your turn to bake with it! Take some happy snaps and write about your experience
  3.  Pass on Rocket Apron to the next sister full of the love that you have woven into its threads

We need you to help sprinkle some fun and love! We know that these are uncertain times with confronting challenges, so we want to sprinkle a little joy and you can do it too. Weather your baking with kids is a delight, educational, messy or downright disastrous, share that experience with the sisterhood. If you have a favourite bake, heirloom family secret, want to try some ration baking, or just something new. You get to share that with a sisterhood who would love to try it too. If you are feeling lonely, we are creating a community for you to connect with and share your baking adventures with. Then you get to pass on the Rocket Apron, filled with all the love, knowledge and warmth from your adventure to another mumma. Imagine the stories the Rocket Apron could tell after this tour! Please register and weave your story into the Rocket Aprons’ threads.

So hop to it and join the Rocket Apron Tour today and add a lil fun to your life!