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How can I be involved in the Rocket Apron Tour?

The Rocket Apron Tour is a fun project for you to participate in with your family in your home and share with our sisterhood of mummas the tour is creating. It’s as easy as 123 to join the sisterhood!


  1. Complete the registration process through the email that has just been sent to you
  2. When the Rocket Apron arrives in the mail, it is your turn to bake with it! Take some happy snaps and write about your experience
  3.  Pass on Rocket Apron to the next sister full of the love that you have woven into its threads

We need you to help sprinkle some fun and love! We know that these are uncertain times with confronting challenges, so we want to sprinkle a little joy and you can do it too. Weather your baking with kids is a delight, educational, messy or downright disastrous, share that experience with the sisterhood. If you have a favourite bake, heirloom family secret, want to try some ration baking, or just something new. You get to share that with a sisterhood who would love to try it too. If you are feeling lonely, we are creating a community for you to connect with and share your baking adventures with. Then you get to pass on the Rocket Apron, filled with all the love, knowledge and warmth from your adventure to another mumma. Imagine the stories the Rocket Apron could tell after this tour! Please register and weave your story into the Rocket Aprons’ threads.