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Vintage, pinup or rockabilly mum. Is it as glamorous as it sounds?

May 11, 2019

Being a sweet perfect housewife vintage mum, a picture perfect sexy pinup mum,

or a b*tch in a rockin frock rockabilly mum sounds glamorous but is it?

To celebrate Mother’s Day and what a rockin bunch of chicks we are, I’m going to focus on us mums. As mums we dedicate so much of ourselves to being the best parent that we can be and sometimes that leaves little for ourselves. But to be the best version of ourselves and mums, we need to nurture ourselves too. As lovers of vintage, pinup and rockabilly, I’m sure the pleasure we get from dressing up, creating sexy hair and rockin makeup makes us all feel sensational and is a great way to nurture ourselves. But is being a vintage, pinup or rockabilly mum all about playing dress-ups, looking good and feeling good about yourself? Or is it a way of life? What does it really mean to be a vintage, pinup or rockabilly or whatever-label you want to give yourself mum?

Are you a vintage mum? Dressed in a floral swing dress with petticoat and pearls – an apron at home for the full 50’s housewife look. With your lil miss in a true vintage lace dress.

What does it mean to be a pinup mum? Must you have perfectly wet set curls every day along with precision applied eyeliner and red lips? Do you need the perfect figure of tiny waist and large curves hugged by a wiggle dress and killer heels? And ofcause the picture isn’t complete without the equally perfectly attired baby as the mum accessory.

What about a rockabilly mum? Do you need to be tattoo clad, bright hair adorned, be sporting numerous piercings, be wearing a leopard print wiggle skirt, lots of cleavage and a ‘don’t f*ck with me’ attitude? While the babe rocks out the black skull outfit?

To delve further into this minefield of labels and stereotypes, I’m going to ask a few mums in a series of interviews, what it’s like to be a vintage, pinup or rockabilly mum and celebrate not only the fabulousness of motherhood but being true to yourself – whatever glamorous label you want to wear.

First cab off the rank in this celebration – is me! I’m not sure that I really belong in this series with other amazing vintage, pinup and rockabilly mums but I’m putting myself out there as the….I’m honestly not sure what label to give myself yet, mum.

Ms Rocket

Do you consider yourself a vintage, pinup, rockabilly mum or something different?

I’d love to be a sweet vintage mumma, or a sexy pinup mum, or a kool rockabilly mum but as much as I try, I’m not sure that I could ever fully pull any of those off. Don’t get me wrong, I try! I don’t quite have the kick-ass attitude of a rockabilly mum but I’m not as-sweet-as-pie enough for a vintage mum either, nor have I the sex appeal worthy of a pinup. But that’s ok. Because I don’t think we need to be the stereotype of a label to feel like we belong. While we all strive to be the best version of us that we can be, I don’t think you need to be perfectly aligned with what you envision yourself to be all the time. And let’s face it, life with kids…perfection is hard to attain! As Ms Rocket of 51 Rocket Rd, I think I’m a vintage, pinup and rockabilly loving mum of no defined label.

What do you think it means to be a vintage/pinup/rockabilly mum? And how does it differ to other mums?

I think as long as you have a love for it and rock the attitude and style, plus being a mum, means you’re a vintage/pinup/rockabilly mum. I don’t think you need to rock it perfectly/to the stereotype or all the time but I think we kind of stand apart in our style and passion for the times, fashion and kulture of times gone by with a modern day twist.

What do you love about being a vintage/pinup/rockabilly mum?

When I first started dressing rockabilly, I was nervous about going out, thinking that I would stand out and look silly.


But now I love that when I go out, I stand out. I look like me and no one else – definitely not a sheep in the flock. I love that I am teaching my own kids to rock who they are and to be proud of it. It’s also a great way to show off my love of vintage things like my vintage pram, because everyone has to look the part when you’re pushing that baby down the street!

What do you find is the hardest part of being a vintage/pinup/rockabilly mum?

Finding the time to not only do my hair and makeup but also the time to learn new techniques and styles and try them. I remember one day we were just going out shopping and by the time I had got ready, the kids had gone feral and there was no way I was taking them to the shops like that. So we stayed home and all that effort was so I looked nice around the house. But I guess that was a learning experience and practice for getting ready much faster lol. I’m learning!

Has your style changed since becoming a mum?

Confession: I didn’t get into rockabilly until after I had kids. So my style went from sheep in the flock pre-kids to kinda-rockabilly mum! I tend to keep my look mum practical – flats, cute stretchy top, and usually with a comfy skirts with pockets to hold all the kids treasures and many Hot Wheels cars lol. It works well for busy market days, running errands around town and chasing the kids at the park.

One piece of advice for other vintage loving and soon to be mums

You don’t have to be perfectly vintage, pinup or rockabilly to rock it. I have always worried so much about if I was doing my hair and makeup right as I’m not a natural at it. But I’ve learnt with time that it’s ok if it’s not perfect! And that without a doubt, by the time I have finished setting up the stall on market days, my hair will be a mess and I’m more than likely to be hiding behind sunnies so no one will see most of my makeup anyway. Just go with it lol

What is the funniest moment you have had as a vintage/pinup/rockabilly mum?

The many times that I’ve had people peer under the hood of the vintage pram thinking that there was a doll in it, to get a shock that there was a real sleeping baby in there!

Do I live a glamorous life as a vintage, pinup or rockabilly mum? Hell no! I’m a perfectly imperfect mum who loves vintage, pinup, and rockabilly. If I was to be labelled with any of those titles though, I would wear it with pride!

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